Saturday, 25 May 2013

Patience and the Prodigal/Launched.

We thank our readers who inspire
our syllables, commas and colons
word, verse, phrase and full stop.
We wondered ourselves would it end
of a sudden or slowly like the
wind-down of a spinning top.
Comments come kindly if fair
be the fare of the bleeding nib
dribbling on blank,
No comment at all is a mercy
betimes when cruel might
be one with frank.
Ten times more than the years AD
the views on our blog
in a year and a half,
To think when we started
we did it for fun,for amusement,
diversion, a laugh.
We the converted, converted the words
into tenants for pages
folded and creased under cover,
Words about people and dreams
and events, towers and ships,
sad silent maid and her lover.
Its all together now,
back from the printers
spine as proud as a column,
We invited our pals and their pals
to a party, a word celebration,
Tonight we launch precious volume.