Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Nan And Me


      I skipped from supper
      on the bank of the stream
      near the bridge at
      Mulvey House.
      Cheeky, I peeked through
      The clean clear window
      And saw Nan sitting,
      Quiet as my neighbour,
      She looked with kind eyes
      But a little sad, I felt,
      As if remembering
      a forgotten loss,
      her mother perhaps,
      or the place of her youth,
      somewhere a carved stone
      overgrown with moss.
      Her heart is too noble
      to be this heavy,
      Her shoulders too strong
      to bend with the load
      of troubles of others,
      my family has known
      generations of humans
      she’s apart, a special one
      a queen among mothers.
      I’ve had my family too,
      Long gone, they never come back
      to visit the nest on the bend,
      In this Nan is blessed,
      she has one more addition,
      She’s become my guardian and friend.


  1. "The essence" -- you've captured it. And that bird is so vivid, I think he's alive.

    1. Painting took five weeks,
      Poem took five minutes,
      All for a very special lady.
      Thank you for the wonderful comment.

    2. Gentle Beast

      I miss the horse of thick sinew,
      bold musculature defined,
      spirit restless, pensive tilt
      of eyes and face refined.
      Where did he go, this horse whose stance
      struck poignant chords in me?
      A soft and wistful yearning shone
      through beast sketched wild and free.

      (reflections 4/23/12, re: "Horse")

      ~ Turquoise