Thursday, 12 July 2012

I Know She Knows

She came to me on spoor of mist
a thousand years ago,
And settled in my eyelash,
my vision’s guard at ebb and flow.
And Phoenix-like she raised
my dormant spirit from the deep,
Made me live and love and laugh,
prayed the Lord, “my soul to keep”.
Why this miracle happened
is beyond me, yet it grows,
My total consolation is, that
I know,
       She knows.
A nod; a touch of skin on skin,
Bloodless blushes run and play,
My mind, a playground for her smile,
Her face is just an inch away.
And sometimes still I pinch myself
and wonder is this all in dreams?
A fairy story come to life,
Is anything ever as it seems?
I have no answer, I don’t need one,
The uncertainty of pleasure flows,
Why would I need an answer?
When I’m sure,
I know,
       She knows.
Her smile a blessing, hair a hymn,
Eyes of mischief, Smokey glow,
Trademark; fruit of oyster pure,
Iridescent innocence on show.
Her limbs have private longitude
Imagine just one kiss!
Little did Levi Strauss foresee
One day he’d cover this.
I marvel at this caring woman
I don’t care if it shows
I don’t know how to tell her things,
But still,
I know,
       She knows. 
Cowboy boots on cowgirl feet
Slight swagger as she moves,
Slow deceptive, gets there fast,
Soft shapes and perfect grooves.
Imagine the unthinkable,
That fair lady might be won,
It will take at least ten lifetimes
Its time that I begun.
If I don’t fly, I’ll get soft landing,
Will always have, that stored in human heart,
No matter what force might decree
That we should be apart.
No query, no answer, is needed,  
No question shall I ever pose,
One glance will tell me all, for
She knows
I know,
       She knows. 

From the Prodigal to Patience many moons ago.


  1. By poet Hafiz, 14th-century Persian mystic:

    Even after all this time

    The Sun never says to the Earth

    "You owe me"

    Look at what happens with a love like that

    It lights the whole sky.

    ~ Turquoise

    1. Well, if my heart must break,
      Dear love, for your sake,
      It will break in music, I know,
      Poets' hearts break so.

      Oscar Wilde.

      poets, like yourself and Wilde, and Hafiz, are able to describe what others can only feel.
      P & p

  2. Deeply appreciating the literary generosity of your statement, above, I nevertheless fear that Wilde and Hafiz would turn over in their graves at the thought of myself being mentioned in their company! I do think, however, that the same sentence would read exceptionally well with your own name inserted in place of the word "yourself."

    ~ Turquoise

  3. Replies
    1. thank you, Madeline for the generous comment.