Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Iron Horses

She came home half a spring before me
To the house of the meadow of Callow.
I was reared in a lesser house
Yet fit, well fit to follow.
John and Jack made the deal
I would serve my time on the land
Surrounding a bigger house
My future was set in soil and sand.

Two score and two years ago
We took our respective places,
I ploughed with a nobler horse
Yet never kicked the traces.
Six summers later the shed got bigger
With concrete slats and galvanise
“We need more horses Mike” said John,
In the month of June I got a rise.

Just like the bible we bought off Kane
And I was fit and Able
To drive the iron horses home
And park them in the stable.
Many horses pulled together
Under a bonnet of steel
And Zetor was the filly’s name
A Czech miracle on wheels.

Thirty five years we’ve ploughed together
Her seat and mine as one.
Every task she was ever asked
Was done in style in rain and sun.
She’s as good as the very first day
We travelled from Edgeworthstown,
Like a good full back on a Forgney team
She’ll never let you down.

Dedicated to Mike Lloyd, one of natures gentlemen.