Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Things I Like.

Cowpats and daisies, frogspawn and dew,
Reasons and roses and girls dressed in blue.
Robins and Redbreast and pints of brown stout,
Living in sin and loving in doubt.
Tree-leaves and tea-leaves and tinkers and turf,
Pale-bellied trout and sea-shapes in surf.
Dreamers and schemers and jeans on a bike,
These are just some of the things that I like.

Dry days, July days, penumbral pale moon
Yellow and mellow and humming in tune,
Bacon and duck-egg and Avie’s brown bread
Yearns and yarns, inside and instead.
Crack and conniving and playing the game
And someone I care for feeling the same.
Potting the black and hooking the pike,
These are some more of the things that I like.

Black and white movies, an Irish grand slam,
Black pudding and white and gooseberry jam.
Rovers and ravers and losers, who try,
Stories by Steinbeck and hard men who cry,
Glances with meaning, two or three friends
Living, forgiving, means without ends.
Clearing the air and boosting the psyche,
Remembering more of the things that I like.

People and steeples and streets that are clean,
Irish and music and anything green.
Mountains and fountains and fervour in fight
And shifting the barrier blocking my sight.
Fire and freedom and freaks who believe
Three absent friends and lovers who grieve
Guts and compassion and having a ball,
These are the things that I like most of all.

Dedicated to Avie, the best neighbour in the world.


  1. "Irish and music" - Do you fiddle?

    1. Turquoise, you wonderful woman, you should know that the 'Harp' is the emblem of Ireland because this country is run by pulling strings!I have no conscience qualms about 'fiddling' the inland revenue or our bestial banks. It must be concluded that I never fiddle a friend, uninvited!
      Thanks for the comment/question.

  2. Mocking disrespect is always a hurtful thing -- and uncalled for. It's also wrong to twist a lady's well-meant words into foul speech. This reply makes me very sad. I only wanted to know if you played the fiddle.

  3. Turquoise, my comment was never meant to offend. There are no circumstances under which anyone could indicate disrespect to a lady of your obvious calibre and sincerity. Please accept my apologies. I have noted hithertofore that the Irish version of attempted wit does not go down well with the more serious minded folk of the USA. Please forgive us, no offense was intended. We dont play the fiddle!

  4. Thank you very much. Your apology is greatly appreciated. Of course I forgive you. Be happy . . . write on. Good to see you writing so much. And please save me a piece of Avie's bread.

  5. In case this never made it through:
    I apologize for having once scolded you.

    Thank you for your hospitality, the truly lovely surroundings everywhere, and the friendly faces of your beautiful land this past August. Wishing the joy of Christmas to Patience and the Prodigal,

    ~ Turquoise :)