Sunday, 2 June 2013

Why Bother?

You pay your Easter dues,
Tell your neighbour all the news,
Pretend you like the blues
to suit the listener.
Climate change is cool
Al Gore is no ones fool
Baby needs a name; you'll
go and Christen her.

We polish up the car,
Buy all round us at the bar
Never better par
They might resent that.
Hunt with hungry hound
with hare still pal around,
Sure both of them are sound
which way you look at.

From Calvary I borrow nails
From Kipling I invent my tales
Of Jungle Books and schooner gales
and ends that conjure If,
These games are played to suit the mob
To cater for Jack, Jill and Bob
and hands outstretched to hob
of supple fingers stiff.

We play a game, its all the same
to mantle hewn to hide our fame
and find a victim for our shame
in any corner,
We live the metamorphic lie
and truth convinces us to die,
Lie stark to unforgiving sky
but never warn her.

Friend to one, friend to all,
To ox and ass in humble stall
Patrick, Peter and Saint Paul
and Holy Mother.
Say thanks when you are duly paid,
Smile when you are still afraid
Dismiss the truth, bring on charade,
Why should I bother?


  1. I love the rhythm and flow of this poem, and of course the rhymes. :)

    Madeleine Begun Kane

  2. Madeline, you're kindness itself. We are grateful.