Saturday, 31 August 2013

Remembering Seamus.

Since the launch of “Patience and the Prodigal” which was so successful we took time out to reflect and reassess. The death of our greatest poet, Seamus Heaney, spurred us into scribbling again. He shall not be replaced in our lifetime. We dedicate our first entry of this new phase to his memory and the celebration of his special life.

Remembering Seamus.

Departed from the heaven of education
to the education of Heaven
swaddled in Mercury's mane,
Cirrus mopping his brow
Abandoned for now; the rain.
In the hedgerows the blackberries ripened
to bid farewell in purple salute,
The populous moths fluttered in tandem
Sir James gave voice to his golden flute.
The land faintly swelling in weary sigh
at the leaving of one of it's own
fair sons, perhaps the pick of the crop
another stalk dug, another meadow mown.
His name thrumming in the telegraph wires
the lapping of Lough Neagh, a lament,
the saucer eyed silvers pause for a while
in the Gulf Stream, snake bodies bent.
Eustachian tube retired now
as locking lung and milling mind,
Grateful we are to his snug squat pen
His greatness left behind.
Is his the happy haunting ground
better than the hooded crows?
His final verse is grounded
now he finally knows.



  1. Thanks Maddie, we were really very fond of him. When anyone asked "What's so great about Ireland?", you could always point to Seamus.Irish people thought that Yeats couldn't be replaced.
    Seamus was born the same year that Yeats passed on. An immediate replacement. Thanks again, Maddie

  2. (Re: poem) A portrait brought forth in bright detail. Nature's colors and forms -- like vivid brushstrokes, ennobled.

    Thank you for the beauty of both portraits.

    1. We've been absent for a while Turquoise, thank you, as always, for the encouragement.