Sunday, 13 September 2015

Six Sonnets of Living.

The first stir; swish in amniotic sea.
Blind wandering, driven by force unseen
Exploring the unknown, but ever keen
To crawl the distance, beat the tide; to be.
From side to side in ever growing circle
Cannot breathe, cannot shout,
Urging, pulsing, keep going! Get out!
Still tied to anchor knot of angry purple.

Defiant and screaming, man pushes his way
Into air, different now; the night, the day.
First breath, first curse, first piss.
First contact with his maker skin to skin
Exodus over, now begin
A pilgrimage of quest with mothers kiss.

Human bellows; all fellows need these to survive
Inhalation, exhalation, ventilation;
Gas exchange for all the nation
From sky to lung to tell us we’re alive.
A gasp, a pink inhaler, bagpipe drone,
Breathe in; breathe out, come and go,
Windpipes wide for ebb and flow
Of unseen force, a life support alone.
There’s many a ghost would welcome
Air to swallow for his own some
As a fish upon a grassy bank;
When your breath can’t make a frost
It is certain you are lost,
Then consider file and rank.

Symbiotic saddle with a stimulus
Never fires in total isolation
Partner in a brain fed congregation
Just as is a shower to brother cumulus.
As love is two way tower of attraction
That peaks and wanes like seasons ebb and flow
Feelings up above and down below
Convince us that we know of satisfaction.

What do we know of sensitive or sense?
Persuaded by fool’s gold or Peters Pence?
Does it make us human just by it alone?
Do we know or is it chance
That our instinct makes the dance
Or just a muscle playing with a bone.

A foot, an inch, a yard what does it mean?
Except the urge to make higher
A spark, a flame, or all-consuming fire
A seed of corn ambitious to be green.
Man cannot stand still, he must stretch
Grow taller, stouter, expand in frame
If he wants to stay in the living game
This growth is life; in every drain and ditch.

In time this growth will stall, and then contract
Little by little until the final act
That heralds the party in the great unknown.
And man must take his leave from here
No longer know the senseless fear
That shadows all of us while we have grown.

Perpetuate, reproduce, make a model just like you,
Mates and primates, birds and bees at dawn
Tenants of future in waiting nest and spawn.
Every cringing Christian, Kurd and Jew.
Survival of species most urgent drive in life
Copulate, stipulate, guarantee new batch of birth
Offspring to promote us when we return to dirt
As we will when reaper grimly twists the knife.

Love is futile, lust has thrust and focus
That delivers clones to petrify and poke us
Into oblivion, post transfer of seed.
The brief transfer from shot to quarry
The deed accomplished; no room for sorry
Perpetuation swiftly guaranteed.

If you don’t eat you don’t excrete
If you don’t excrete you die
A deposit on that dunghill in the sky
A decomposing pile of shapeless meat.
The pony eyed the miner in a pit,
“What’s the difference between his dung and mine?
That offshoot from the rear because we dine,
Mine is fertilizer; his is shit.”

Fallen grass and leaves, the trail of grazing herd
Coloured droppings of every deer and bird
The sods of plodding camel on the sand
All have useful purpose when they pass,
Hen’s droppings make a powerful potent gas
Man poisons what he’s taken from the land.

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