Friday, 30 December 2016


Primal peak of pleasure
Piercing sting of pain,
Linger lust of lovers
Reassuring rain.
Scald of rinsing tears
Cleansing scalpel scar
Ring of rash indifference
Label on a jar.

Smile of futile triumph,
Self-deceiving glee,
Hunger after gluttony
Bondage of the free.
Ties inspiring quest
Roots in concrete sand,
Quandary of stillness
Seeking hand in hand.

Diviner of destruction;
Well intentioned will,
Lofty aspirations
Frozen, solid, still.
Waging war for peace
Dancing in the air,
Practising virginity
Quarry in the lair.

Baring shadow secrets
Tumbling latch and lock,
Reeling to a polka
Indifferent to shock.
Ignorance in truth
Quelling peal and bell,
Harmony in discord
Spills from shallow well.


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