Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Alone

Barefaced, bare-footed, staring
into an empty grate.
Empty, except for those grey-green
lifeless ashes
who had their bright moments too.
A sculpted mug of black tea
my only solace.
Sorry I'd be for myself
if I were capable of care.
Alone, I've spent this pagan Christmas,
alone but not my own man.
New Years resolutions pointless, impossible,
Successful reminders of last years failures.
Where can a man turn,
Faced with the farce of his own futility?
Hoping for an ember cinder
I prod with the poker.


  1. Thanks for lovely comment and happy new year to you too, love your blog your work is as always inspiring

  2. Cheeses old friend you're going from strength to strength. Ojala que te vas a mejorar durante la proxima año. Ar aghaidh leis an obair a chara.
    The above poem strikes many a chord both past and present.Séamus