Monday, 19 December 2011

My Reward

Wise eyes pry, for clues and news in vain,
Old men measure nature, seeking stain,
Defied by pupil twins of steely grain
in angel face.
Wild straw thatch, a fitting faery crown,
Simple black, a full and favoured gown,
Smile that made an exile of a frown,
An ageless grace.

Glance to melt a heart of frosted lead,
Blush unique; a newer hue of red,
Living riddle, rose in lilac bed,
A fleeting fawn.
Venus vested, filling space with light,
Dull defying, introducing bright,
Living vibrant vendor of delight
like golden dawn.

Enigmatic, charismatic, fair,
Old as oak, new as stubble hair,
Impish grin, potent as a prayer
to lofty Lord.
Million women melted into one,
Loving life and love and foolish fun,
Soul mate of all men yet slave to none,
She's my reward.

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