Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hobdaughter's choice

They condemn us if we stay together,
We condemn us if we stay apart.
Who maps the borders and boundaries
of another human heart?
The opposition is formidable
powered by conventional gas,
Slander and detraction the spearheads
praying for  salvation at Mass,
Not for their delivery but ours,
Not our shame but theirs,
Self-appointed judges
pretending to be family players.
Preaching the values of time
sitting on benches of straw,
All with impeccable pedigrees
laying down their version of the law.
And we listen to the vitriolic lectures
of the narrow minded, chosen few,
And we sigh and we smile and carry on
and ask ourselves, what’s new?
It’s plain and clear that they never felt
what we have and will forever,
bonds of faith and fondness
that back stabbing cannot sever.
It’s easy to condemn a different air
and claim it to be out of tune,
perhaps for once give benefit of the doubt
and believe that we see the same moon.
Their efforts are all in vain,
They can fill the parish with thunder,
Our power of near and together
will never surrender or sunder.
We have the armour of care
to protect us from critical weather,
and when the fuss is all over
our decision; on the team, together.


  1. beautiful poem...I've been in this situation, where it's you and your significant other against the world, and everybody has something to say about it....but they don't truly know what goes on...neither do they have the right to judge what or who is right/wrong for you...thank you for sharing! :)

    1. thank you for the knowing and incisive comment.
      Junesanjuan;We wonder?
      June without Juan, perhaps!