Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Why not?

Still, we walked by the river
                       One bow and one quiver,                      
One taker, one giver,
We divided the rain.
We skirted the bushes
And trod on the rushes
And by-passed the blushes
They were always in vain.

She said “it’s not easy,
Dry bread isn’t greasy
Will you pick me a daisy?
Of yellow and white.
“Sure I’ll pick you a flower
It has little power
Might make you go sour
When the moon calls the night”.

She said “you’re still a stranger
And maybe a danger,
                     You weren’t born in a manger                         
This might be a line”
I said “there’s a fair chance
This could be a merry dance
Masquerading as sweet romance
Described as divine”

She said “I need time out
For I’m still in major doubt”,
                    As she curled her pink pout                     
Said “betwixt and between”,
“I know I’m the chooser,
But also the loser,
You could be a cruiser
That’s plain to be seen”

I said “let’s begin it
                       There are two of us in it                       
Can we have half a minute?
To be right or be wrong”
And I wonder what she saw,
The skylark or  jackdaw,
The hay or the bright straw,
And she said “we belong”.

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