Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Shadow Lady.

Surreal place of shadow and light
your world; a cosy cocoon.
You bathe your ethereal body
in green tranquil seas of the moon.
Twilight existence of fanciful flight,
Deception and truth intertwined,
Cosmos and prisms and rainbows adorn
translucent cell walls of your mind.

Brief skirmish with life, then retreat
to safety invented at will.
Ghost apparitions of history dismissed,
dismembered and still.
Fantasy family, qualified friends,
Happiness; gaeity's feign,
No human or sorrow, no sinning,
No perverse or perish, no pain.

Convincing pretence of perfection
in limbo of cardboard and straw,
Denying the colour of blood,
Or wrinkle that bright mirror saw.
No need to die if you never exist,
A moon-child, an elegant elf,
Forever look over your shoulder,
Lest you come face to face with yourself.

(To be or not to be, that is the question.)

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