Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Domineering Women

Domineering women
ruin these lands,
Petrified hearts
heavy hands.
New brute brokers
in power's brothel,
newly freed slaves
of genetic bottle.
Equality a myth,
a mobile goal,
from kitchen to Cabinet
craving control.
Rocking the cradle;
one hand free
to rattle the reins
of supremacy.
Mobile misses
tapping the tune
of forward march
with wooden spoon.
Long inferior,
equal then,
soon twenty cocks
to one hen.
Let them all ride
this trojan horse,
let them all feel
powers curse.
You, who would geld
gallant stable
come and be Cain
to my Able.

  (dedicated to M O'Rourke)


  1. This poem is dedicated, with permission, to a local lady who until recently was a member of the Irish Parliament and indeed held several Ministries. She said she would have preferred the word 'assertive' but did not demur from the existing title. Thanks for the comment Maddie.