Tuesday, 5 February 2013

What Matters

The adult, deep in thought,
Ignores the babbling of a child
A she-wolf, in a feeding zoo,
denies the calling of the wild.
Litigious man, can ever choose
to find a limp for every bruise.
The briar and the golden grain
are children of a common rain.
Bright fire, glowing in the grate,
both sun and hell can imitate.
The vagrant, tramp in tramps attire,
to grandeurs greatness may aspire.
Green door, the universal veil,
can open castle or lock jail.
The magistrate, on lofty bench,
swings gavel like a monkey wrench.
A king, or Shah or Aga Khan
is nothing without common man.
True hate, false nemesis of love.
still walks with her forever hand in glove.
What conscience has the hound or hare?
Only man pretends to care.

     (There is good and bad in everyone)

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