Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Company Of Men.

I came from a town, a small town
where small minded people didn't mind me
and the ones that cared were never girls,
they only pretended to admire my curls.
And the men might say “who cut your hair,
it isn't fair to shear your locks like that,
Who did that, and why and when?
Thats when I fell for the company of men.

Men speak the truth as it applies to women
Nothing to gain, nothing to lose it seems,
drink beer, no fear, secure together,
Ignore the models bonnet, except for the feather.
That feather would make good flights for darts
whether it came from a cock or a hen,
Aim straight and true, it's die or do,
thats why I admire the company of men.

My other half was a country boy
Mollycoddled by a doting mother
He could do no wrong in thought or deed
He hadn't hands to bless himself, or another,
She washed his socks and combed his hair
and fitted out his indulgent den,
He never said thanks, enjoyed the ranks
and the bonhomie in the company of men.

I'm still a woman in spirit and soul
My parts and their parts are north and south,
Their world is a ship on a course, not mine,
and I know now their vessel will never come about.
I envy them, those cocky bastards,
I'll say it and I'll say it and I'll say it again,
They've no respect for me, and so shall it be,
I can only be a voyeur in the company of men.

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  1. Riveting. Leaves so much to contemplate.