Friday, 8 February 2013

Questions prompted by Cleo

Herself went out for an hour with Cleo
and gave me a little uneasy space
to cross examine bits and pieces
and chat myself face to face.
Am I easy to live with or other
what truth in my diary, the entry?
Myopia a mirror of falsehood,
Long sighted; the gaze of a sentry.

Why does a man to keep him alive
consume only that which is dead?
Cold or reheated in cauldron or pot
like Yeats; consumed by the fire in his head.
A combed out braid, a maid unmade,
What consequence being alone?
Logical fear of the future;
Senseless fear of the unknown.

Consistency vital, especially in failure.
Unfamiliar relief of the truth,
Gain by accident is choice lost.
The young; destroyers of youth.
Justice hides herself well,
I've never heard her laughter,
Unseen the moment before
Forgotton, the moment after.

Splendid untouched isolation
like a pearl departed her shell,
still witout suitable setting
a clapper without a bell.
What use an unseen rainbow
What church is built on it's steeple?
are fingers in gloves inside or out,
Which gods pay homage to people?

Once learned, can man forget how to read?
Is ceasing to breathe such a terrible loss?
Are ashes and dust really dead,
petrified trunk suckles lichen and moss.
The loose rope of aquaintence
often becomes a noose
to stretch the neck of man
or strangle the fatted goose.


  1. You poetically pose some really good questions. :)

    Madeleine Begun Kane

  2. Better off methinks, not to have the answers! Thanks for the comment Maddie.