Saturday, 16 February 2013



Today, the ice-cream van pulled up outside,
Yankee doodle jingle, driver smiling,
white jacket with cherry on hat.
Two below; not a child in sight,
I know times are tough,
But fuck that!


Today, we spent four hours in the garden
sawing timber to keep out the cold
of winter, that's a must,
Four hours with saw teeth as close
to her fingers as a kiss,
Superlatives not my forte
Never, have I seen such trust.


Today, I said to Gerry, “I must go some place
and you can see I'm covered in dirt”,
Gerry wouldn't give me
his bar of soap;
Instead he gave me his shirt.


Today, we rekindled two fires,
one in the grate,
one in the heart,
Each glow, still more than an ember,
The cold might keep us apart.

Little incidents from today.


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    1. Warmth is, and has been known to you, and by you, that much is obvious. We thank you for the kindness of your comment and trust that you will always luxuriate in that same 'warmth.' Regards, P+P.