Monday, 11 February 2013

Archangel Gabriel.

The Jap got it right
the second time around,
The world changed a little bit
when Gabbie hit the ground.
A Ballymulvey man,
Is, was, and will be,
and when he goes to God
he surely will still be.
He flashes a wrench,
a vice grips and a socket,
They say he was born
with a spanner in his pocket.
Slope of the shoulders,
it was always there,
Fits to perfection
in Granny’s chair.
And he likes a little flutter
but never nags,
And he’s the one that told me
never touch the fags.
I reckon that John Wayne
and his western roots
gave him his love of cowboy boots.
I want you to know
that you’re loved, Grandad Gay,
and here’s wishing you
A happy father’s day, everyday.

NIAMH. 2011

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