Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My Abbeyshrule

Where Inny sneaks past sentry arch
February's breath puts life in March,
And silver birch looks down on larch
By Abbeyshrule.

Where simple people cross the bridge
to set a drill or Champion ridge,
the well stocked pantry is the fridge
in Abbeyshrule.

Royal Canal and graveyard full
murder of crows, one herring gull,
Repeated gossip never dull
at Abbeyshrule.

The peat is deep in Askey bog,
Twin green shades of grass and frog
Man's thirst is quenched by rustic grog,
near Abbeyshrule.

Where bell sticks out it's tongue at noon
Sign of the Cross, Angelus tune,
Maple dressed in light maroon
round Abbeyshrule.

Where hope and friendship never die,
Our tent a bright Cerulean sky,
A glorious jigsaw from on high,
My Abbeyshrule.

( Dedicated to Seamus MacAogain 'El Peregrino' master scribe )


  1. Oh, I like this very much. Simple and lovely, with character. "Twin green shades of grass and frog" -- my favorite line.

  2. Turquoise, Abbeyshrule is a tiny village without even a shop yet in 2012 it won the triple awards of "Ireland's Tidiest Town", "Ireland's tidiest village" and the gold medal in the "Entente Florale" which is a European wide competition. There were well over 1000 entries in the competition which makes the achievement all the more remarkable. The work involved is entirely voluntary. This village is about 5 miles from where we live and is a credit to its tiny population. Can be seen on Google.
    Regards, P+P

  3. Fits well with The Bridges of Abbeyshrule and memories of Fitz's pub at the turn of The Bog Road