Sunday, 10 March 2013

This and That

Happiness has limits,
Suffering has none
Darkness can blind
as can the sun.
Truth can be bitter
lies often sweet,
Victory's sibling;
Undervalued defeat.
Sometimes neglect
is safer than care,
Foul can be handled
better than fair.
Plumage is flattery
so is a kiss,
Lowly the cat
at chimney-top piss.
Nose and eyes
look down on mouth,
North wind is bitter,
deadly the south.
A hearth has two sides
fire between,
ripe black banana
better than green?
With duck quill in hand
where writes the sage
Is the verse better
in margin or page?
Freedom is complex
slavery plain,
where is the healer
without pain?
Futures left lying
in old men's wills,
Life is a trial,
Death cures all ills.

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  1. Minimalism posted like prayers over a pauper's grave.